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Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Organic No THC


Cannaffex Complete Full Spectrum CBD Oil’s made in Canada and fortified with BioPrime™ nanoparticle delivery technology. They offer the most potent and bioavailable CBD available. Combining essential cannabis terpenes along CBG, CBN and CBD to bolsters CBD’s effect on the body.


Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil

At Cannaffex, we believe through our own research and controlled testing that CBD works best when paired with naturally occurring cannabis (hemp) terpenes.  These terpenes play an important role in allowing CBD to pass through the blood-brain barrier increasing CBD’s effect on the body. Without these terpenes, your body would not receive the full benefits CBD has to offer and in essence, you would not feel the effects or receive the benefits. This is the reason most CBD oils just do not work.  All of our full spectrum CBD oils contain a wide variety of beneficial naturally occurring cannabis (hemp) terpenes that work in synergy with CBD to create the Entourage Effect and provide therapeutic relief for your symptoms fast.

full spectrum cbd oil canada

Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol with CBG & CBN

Cannaffex offers the best Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada wide which is completely hemp-derived containing zero THC and is NON-GMO. Our latest formula comprises not only CBD (cannabidiol) but also CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol) along with beneficial cannabis terpenes to create a potent therapeutic CBD oil second to none. All of these cannabinoids work in tandem to combat symptoms of anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation and more.

full spectrum cbd oil canada organic with Terpenes

Full Spectrum CBD oil – Organic with Terpenes

Cannaffex complete spectrum sublingual CBD oils are fully bio-enhanced to deliver the complete “entourage effect” with our revolutionary blend of natural hemp-based terpenes, including Ocimene, Humulene, and Myrcene. These naturally occurring cannabis terpenes bolster CBD’s effect on the body and allow Cannabidiol to target specific receptors in the body to provide the ultimate relief.

full spectrum cbd oil canada organic

Featuring BioPrime™ Technology

With BioPrime technologies, we refine particles to a mere very small fraction of their original size. We implement a series of specific unique procedures, and this is nanoparticulization. It showcases a considerable effect on just exactly how our human body assimilates, breaks down and processes cannabidiol (CBD). When CBD particles are reduced in overall size to sub 300 nanometers, they will take on some very unique characteristics. BioPrime technology increases the bioavailability of CBD up to 100x that of the best brand names in the market these days. All Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures we develop in North America showcase BioPrime technologies.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the research regarding exceedingly small structures, possessing the size of .01 – 100 nanometers. In latest years, nanotechnology has recently demonstrated the potential to enhance nutrient distribution. Cannaffex is utilizing this particular technology to produce products and solutions which will undoubtedly increase the way your body can feel the benefits of our best full spectrum CBD oil Canada wide.

BioPrime Nanotechnology

Full Spectrum CBD Size Comparison

An ordinary average Full Spectrum CBD crystal will measure close to roughly 4.44 micrometres (4,440 nanometers). We have in effect refined these exact particles to approximately 60-100 nanometers therefore improving absorption. If we greatly enhance absorption, we reduce the amount required to obtain the exact same therapeutic results. As a result, you utilize significantly less oil, consequently, saving money.CBD Size Comparison

Hemp (Cannabis) Derived Cannabidiol (CBD) Extraction

Both Marijuana and Hemp are considered part of the Cannabis species of plant. We utilize high-resin hemp plants as our source of CBD in our full spectrum cbd oil canada organic in nature. We then incorporate cryosonic extraction making use of organic cane ethyl to bring forth a CBD supplement second to none in both high quality and effectiveness.

Cannaffex Cryosonic Cryogenic CBD Extraction using Organic Cane Ethanol

Close Proximity Farming

All of our Cannabidiol is extracted from farms located near one another. This ensures top-level quality and consistency from one bottle to the next. Due to variations in weather and farms being at different elevations, it is rather important to choose wisely. These differences can affect the quality of the full spectrum CBD oil Canada organic.Cannaffex uses close proximity farming to ensure quality CBD

Taste the difference

Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in Mint flavour or Original. The original flavour tastes pretty much like hemp or cannabis with a slight grassy taste. People who do not like this taste can choose a mint flavour to mask the taste and make the whole process more pleasurable.

best full spectrum cbd oil canada

Carrier Oils – Hemp Seed Oil Vs. MCT Oil

Both Hemp Seed Oil and MCT Oil are known to work very well as CBD carriers. They allow for proper delivery into your system. Hemp Seed Oil provides many health benefits. These benefits include skin health, brain health, and heart health. It contains no CBD but is a good carrier for Cannabidiol in the body. Cannaffex uses the highest quality carrier hemp seed oil to deliver CBD where it needs to go.

On the other hand, MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil is also great for your health. However, high doses could result in fat buildup in the liver. Furthermore, some people report cases of severe gastrointestinal distress leading to diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, and cramping. As a result, we use hemp seed oil as the carrier for the best full spectrum CBD oil Canada wide.

Hemp Seed Oil vs MCT Oil

CBD derived from Hemp vs. CBD derived from Marijuana

The bottom line is CBD is CBD, a compound is a compound. It simply does not matter if it is derived from Hemp or Marijuana. The quality of the Cannabidiol is the same. The only difference is that CBD derived from marijuana will contain THC over 0.3%. THC is not wanted due to THC’s psychoactive effects “High.”

Marijuana CBD vs Hemp CBD

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