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Cannaffex CBD Gummies 750mg – 30 Count


Cannaffex CBD Gummies 750mg are infused with hemp-derived Cannabidiol at 25mg per gummy and are the perfect quick dose solution to alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation and sleep disorders. CBD promotes a more balanced and calmer body state so you can be more relaxed.


Cannaffex CBD Gummies – THC Free

All products from Cannaffex are free from THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), so you wont experience the “high” commonly associated with cannabis consumption. Many do not want the psychoactive properties and simply require the calming effects that hemp based cannabidiol (CBD) has to offer.  Rest assured that our products including our CBD gummies are 100% completely free of THC and offer the utmost therapeutic effects of CBD so you can alleviate your symptoms and be in an overall calm and relaxed state.

Cannaffex CBD Gummies - THC Free

All-Natural Real Fruit Extracts

Cannaffex uses all-natural organic fruit extracts in all CBD gummy formulations so you know you are getting a clean healthy product with no fillers, perservatives. We combine all-natural flavours of strawberry, mango and grape to give you an assortment of great fruit flavours that makes dosing of CBD all the more easier. Just pop and go with no need to manually administer oil via syringe or dropper and receive the benefits of CBD in the most efficient way possible.

Cannaffex CBD Gummies - Natural Fruit Extracts

3rd Party Lab Tested for Quality & Efficacy

All Cannaffex products including CBD gummies have been 3rd party lab tested to ensure both quality and efficacy. We pride ourselves on making sure all products produced under the Cannaffex name are free of pesticides, herbicides, metals and solvents and meet or exceed quality expectations. Know that when you choose Cannafex, you are getting the best of the best and can rest knowing that our CBD gummies are backed by our quality assurance.

Cannaffex CBD Gummies - 3rd Party Tested

Simple All-Natural Ingredients

Cannaffex CBD gummies contain all natural ingredients including Honey, Sugar, Real fruit juices (mango, strawberry and grape), Gelatine, Sorbitol, Citric acid, MCT oil, Organic Cannabidiol isolate (CBD), Carnauba wax (to prevent sticking). Gummies contain simple ingredients with no fillers or perservatives so you can have confidence when supplementing your body daily with CBD (cannabidiol).

Cannaffex CBD Gummies - All Natural Ingredients

Customer Reported Effects

Cannaffex CBD gummies made in Canada offer numerous benefits to Canadians seeking therapeutic relief of a variety of symptoms caused by many disorders. Customers have reported on the following benefits from using Cannaffex CBD gummies

  • Staying calm and anxiety-free 
  • Supporting healthy inflammatory function 
  • Providing focus and clarity 
  • Helping relieve pain 
  • Promoting a healthy sleep cycle 
Cannaffex CBD Gummies - Customer Reported Effects

Proudly Canadian

From our high-resin close proximity hemp farms in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, we offer the very best hemp-derived CBD products to Canadians looking for therapeutic relief. Know that when you choose Cannaffex, you are getting the very best in quality and efficacy with fast shipping and the very best in customer support from start to finish. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first because without our customers, we would not be in business.  Fast shipping from coast to coast and a money back guarantee if the product does not meet or exceed your expectations.Cannaffex CBD Gummies - Proudly Canadian


0.25 kg


3.5 × 3.5 × 10.7 cm


750MG @ 25mg per


Assorted Fruits (Mango, Strawberry, Grape)


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