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Relax CBD Oil Sleep Canada – for Insomnia & Sleep Disorders


Target Tinctures Cannaffex Relax™ CBD Oil is formulated specifically to treat side effects related to insomnia – sleep disorders. We combine pure Cannabidiol (CBD), CBG and CBN with a blend of potentiation isolates for maximum bioavailability and a targeted conversion to the CB2 receptors in your body providing relaxation and a good nights sleep.


CBD Oil Sleep Canada

Cannaffex’s Relax CBD oil for sleep aid Canada formulation is truly a potent combination of 100 % pure Cannabidiol (CBD) and an exclusive blend of potentiation factors, including CBG, CBN, terpenes, and flavonoids. All of our oils are exclusively formulated to relieve symptoms corresponding to insomnia and other sleep disorders. We utilize only certified natural and organic, non-GMO, Canadian-sourced hemp seed oil to produce all of our products. Our CBD oil sleep Canada preparations are prepared using 99.9% pure CBD as well as certified natural and organic food-grade potentiation isolates, making them the number one alternative for individuals searching for the very best CBD oil for sleep disorders in Canada. Furthermore, all of our oils are prepared using our very own specialized BioPrime™ nanoparticle CBD delivery technology, which increases bioavailability and targeted conversion to the CB2 receptor.

cbd oil sleep canada

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil for Insomnia with CBG & CBN

Cannaffex is pleased to offer their highest quality THC-free and non-GMO CBD oil for sleep Canada wide. Our very own most recent formula is derived from hemp and also consists of not only CBD (cannabidiol), but additionally CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol), as well as effective cannabis terpenes. This powerful combination produces an extremely beneficial therapeutic CBD oil that is unparalleled in quality. The blend of these types of cannabinoids will work synergistically to alleviate signs and symptoms of insomnia and various other sleep disorders, enabling you to enjoy a restful night of sleep.

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CBD Oil for Sleep Canada with Terpenes

At Cannaffex, our very own Relax CBD oil for sleep aid Canada is completely bio-enhanced to provide the full “entourage effect” as a result of our innovative combination of all-natural hemp-based terpenes, such as Ocimene, Humulene, and Myrcene. These types of cannabis terpenes happen naturally and boost the effects of CBD on the human body, enabling it to focus on certain receptors and offer maximum relief for people battling insomnia as well as sleep disorders. With this addition of terpenes in our CBD oil for insomnia, it can effortlessly pass through the blood-brain barrier, which results in phenomenal therapeutic results that far exceed those of CBD oil for sleep disorders that are lacking terpenes. Our Relax CBD oil sleep Canada formulation is the perfect option for individuals searching for an all-natural and effective remedy to their particular sleep-related issues.

cbd oil for sleep canada with terpenes

CBD Oil for Sleep Disorders Featuring BioPrime™ Technology

Cannaffex’s BioPrime technology happens to be a innovative approach that refines particles to an unbelievably minuscule fraction of their initial size by using a procedure recognized as nanoparticulization. This revolutionary technique displays an important impact on just how our systems absorb, break down, as well as process cannabidiol (CBD). Simply by shrinking CBD particles to sub-300 nanometers, they develop distinctive traits which improve their bioavailability. BioPrime technology increases CBD’s bioavailability by upwards of 100 times that of the finest brand names on the market these days. All of our Relax CBD oil for sleep disorders, which are manufactured in North America, include BioPrime technology to amplify their effectiveness and make sure that our customers enjoy the complete benefits of our top-quality CBD oil for sleep aid Canada wide.

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What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the research concerning extreme microstructures, varying in measurement from .01 to 100 nanometers. In the past few years, nanotechnology has recently displayed excellent potential in enhancing nutrient circulation and increasing the way our very own bodies undergo the health benefits of a variety of substances. At Cannaffex, we are making use of this particular modern technology to formulate solutions that maximize the efficiency of our best CBD oil sleep Canada formulations. By integrating nanotechnology into our formulations, we intend to offer our consumers the highest top-quality products available and maximize the way your human body experiences the therapeutical benefits of our CBD oil for insomnia.

BioPrime Nanotechnology

Relax CBD Size Comparison

The typical size of a CBD crystal is approximately 4.44 micrometres (4,440 nanometers). However, at Cannaffex, we have actually refined these types of particles to a size of 60-100 nanometers, considerably improving their absorption. By boosting absorption, we can decrease the total amount of CBD oil for insomnia necessary to obtain the equivalent therapeutic positive effects. This would mean that a person can use substantially less oil, resulting in cost savings. Our revolutionary approach to processing CBD particles through nanotechnology assures that our consumers enjoy the complete health benefits of our top-quality CBD oil for sleep aid Canada wide, with improved absorption and cost-effectiveness.

CBD Size Comparison

Hemp (Cannabis) Derived Cannabidiol (CBD) Extraction

Marijuana and hemp are each a part of the Cannabis species of vegetation. At Cannaffex, we make use of high-resin hemp plants as our very own resource for CBD towards our best CBD oil for sleep for sale. In order to formulate our CBD oil for sleep Canada supplement, we work with cryosonic extraction utilizing natural and organic cane ethyl, ending in a solution that is unparalleled in both the quality and effectivity. Our dedication to employing high-resin hemp plants as well as all-natural extraction techniques insures that our consumers attain the very best available CBD oil for sleep disorders. By working with high-resin hemp plants and natural retrieval practices, we are in a position to bring forth a CBD oil that is absolutely free of adverse contaminants and provides you with the maximum therapeutic benefits of CBD, allowing our consumers to enjoy a relaxed night’s slumber.

Cannaffex Cryosonic Cryogenic CBD Extraction using Organic Cane Ethanol

Close Proximity Farming

At Cannaffex, we undertake great care and attention in sourcing our CBD oil for insomnia from farms situated at close distance from one another. This strategy ensures top-level excellence and reliability from one particular bottle to the very next. We recognize that variations in weather factors and elevation amongst farms can easily influence the calibre of CBD oil, which is the reason why we very carefully pick and choose our sources. By sourcing our CBD oil from adjacent farms, we can easily sustain persistent quality and supply our consumers with a dependable product they can put their trust in. Our devotion to excellence and consistency is mirrored in each and every bottle of our CBD oil for insomnia, allowing our users to feel the complete therapeutic benefits of our premium CBD oil sleep Canada formulations.

Cannaffex uses close proximity farming to ensure quality CBD

CBD Oil for Sleep Aid Canada – Taste the difference

Our Relax CBD oil for sleep for sale in Canada is presented in two flavours: Mint and Original. The Original flavour offers a taste equivalent to hemp or cannabis, with a somewhat grassy taste. For individuals who desire a different taste, we also provide a cool Mint flavour that can conceal the real taste of CBD oil for sleep disorders, making the experience more pleasurable. No matter whether you opt for a natural taste or a minty flavour, our CBD oil is developed to render beneficial relief of sleeplessness for our consumers. At Cannaffex, we think that top-quality CBD oil should not only be effective but additionally pleasant to use, which is the reason why we offer a selection of flavours to suit your taste.

cbd oil for sleep aid canada

Carrier Oils – Hemp Seed Oil Vs. MCT Oil

Equally Hemp Seed Oil and MCT Oil are characterized as excellent carriers for CBD, permitting for ideal delivery through the human body. Hemp Seed Oil has many health perks, such as skin, brain, as well as heart health. Even though it does not comprise CBD alone, it is a good carrier for Cannabidiol in the body. At Cannaffex, we utilize the finest quality carrier hemp seed oil to ensure that CBD is sent where it needs to go.

While MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil is also good for health, high doses could contribute to extra fat buildup in the liver and gastrointestinal distress such as diarrhea, nausea, bloating, as well as cramping. For this reason, we choose hemp seed oil as the carrier for our best CBD oil for sleep for sale, ensuring that our consumers obtain the benefits of CBD without having any undesirable side effects. Our devotion to utilizing hemp seed oil as the carrier for our CBD oil for anxiety not only assures the safety of our customers but also offers further health benefits, making our product an all-natural and effective remedy for sleeplessness.

Hemp Seed Oil vs MCT Oil

CBD derived from Hemp vs. CBD derived from Marijuana

When it comes to CBD oil, the compound is the exact same regardless of whether it originates from hemp or marijuana. The level of quality of Cannabidiol is consistent, regardless of its origin. Nevertheless, the sole distinction is that CBD oil attained from marijuana may possibly consist of THC levels above 0.3%. THC is not desired due to its psychoactive effects, which can result in a “high.” At Cannaffex, we utilize high-resin hemp plants to extract and prepare our very own CBD oil sleep aid Canada formula, making sure that our customers obtain the benefits of our CBD oil sleep Canada formulations without any undesirable psychoactive side effects.

Marijuana CBD vs Hemp CBD

CBD Oil for Sleep for Sale – Important Information

At Cannaffex, we realize that our customers desire to experience the health benefits of CBD for sleep Canada wide without any undesirable side effects. That is the reason why our Relax CBD oil for Sleep Canada formula contains absolutely no THC, which is the compound accountable for the psychoactive characteristics of the marijuana plant, also recognized as “the high.” Our product is safe for use and will certainly not result in any psychoactive reactions. Our Relax CBD oil is created to improve the well-being of individuals coping with insomnia and sleep disorders. With our top-quality CBD oil for sleep for sale, our customers can feel the health benefits of CBD without having any undesirable side effects. Our dedication to high quality and safety means that our customers can depend on our product to make it possible for them to control their symptoms and enhance their complete well-being.


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